Park Ave Fest Update {repost}

Yes, I am still alive, and, well...yes, I have just been wrapped up with things other then renovating the house.  But, in case you were checking in, I am re-posting an update that I just put up on my art blog.  Until the end of the summer and art festival season, we will be focusing all of our efforts on paintings, frames and all things related to festivals.  Thanks for checking up on us  :)

Well, it is safe to say that we have now tested our tent against severe storms.  They rolled through mid afternoon on Sunday of the Park Ave Fest.  Although the weather caused the show to end a little early, it was a welcome break in the heat for a bit. 

The festival was pretty cool.  It had a very eclectic mix of artists, crafters, and food vendors.  There were also a lot of very nice vendors willing to share tips with us on setting up and displaying our paintings.  We spent some time building pvc and dropcloth display panels to house the artwork.  They did the trick at the festival, but Eric and I both agreed that it is time to upgrade to a more professional looking set up. 

You can see the panels that we built out of PVC pipe, green plastic fencing and canvas drop clothes.  This was taken on the morning of day 2.  The painting on the right is my demo piece.  The view is from the top of the old Stutson St. Bridge looking down into the marina on the Genessee River and Lake Ontario.
demo painting in progress - still un-named, 36x36, oil on canvas
I am happy to report that we won Best in Show for the Painting category.  The rain forced us to pack it up a little early, but that was ok since we were headed back home that night.   In case you are interested, the demo painting is still available.  Send me a message for more info

***Update - the demo has SOLD