Connected again...

The Verizon Fios truck rolled in this morning at 9am.  I have been incredibly frustrated with the cable companies over the past two weeks and was expecting another snag in the install plan.  I was so pleasantly surprised!  Kevin was our tech.  He was able to install all of the tv's exactly where we wanted them.  He removed a bunch of old wires that were left over from previous people.  He even fixed a light fixture that was malfunctioning...yes, a light fixture!  He had mentioned that he was an electrician in his former life, so I asked him why a light fixture would work one day and not the next.  He whipped out his tools and had it fixed in about 5 minutes.  I was so grateful and thrilled with his service that it pretty much made the wait worth it.  The kids are both napping now, so I figured I'd check in quickly with news that we are back up and running.  I cannot wait to get caught up on the news and HGTV design star.

Here is a little update on the boys. As you can see, Owen has already started tormenting his baby bro.

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  1. o: 'the last time i checked i was here first and thus, this is my photo shoot..'
    btw-holy mini-e!!!