house stuff at a bit of a standstill

Hey friends and family...it's been a bit since I've posted an update.  We have been busy with lots of things, just not much with the house lately.  I've been doing quite a bit of painting which you can check out here.  The boys are good - Ryan is able to stand up now on his own, but no steps yet.  Eric has made a prediction that Ryan will take his first steps on or before Feb. 5th.  I think it will be more likely that he will walk closer to his first birthday in March.  Let me know if you want to get in on the pool.
This is what I found waiting for me this morning :)
We have some guests coming to stay with us in a few weeks - so my goal is to get the guest room painted before then.  I am still deciding on the color - Anjou Pear (Sherwin Williams) is on the short list as well as a light grey and a neutral.  I'll post pics when I make some headway.  It, as well as almost all the other rooms in the house is also paneling which requires a base coat of primer (I use Kilz).  So, I am sort of dragging my feet because I HATE priming.  Did I mention that the guest room is also drop ceiling which also needs a few coats of primer.  Wish me luck!


Paris Rooftops

On the last day of our honeymoon stay in Paris, we climbed up to the top of Notre Dame one chilly and overcast Sunday morning.  Lots, and lots of stairs in the tiniest spiral staircase.  It was amazing to see the architecture and disturbing gargoyles, and most of all, the view of the Parisian skyline. 

Here is the painting that I just finished of that view of Paris.  

Paris Rooftops
Acrylic and Charcoal on Canvas


Christmas Recap and A Visit from Popi and Charlotte

Sadly, the holidays are behind us and the Christmas decorations are all packed away for the year.  We had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Now that Owen is almost 2, he is beginning to understand the magic of Christmas.  Here is a recap of our Christmas and a fantastic visit with Popi and Charlotte.

Our new tradition is to have fondue on Christmas Eve.  We had a cheese fondue for the main course and a chocolate for the dessert.  YUM  The bread is from the best little shop in Phoenixville called Soltane.

Owen's letter to Santa...written up-side-down by Daddy while Owen added his own personal touch. 

Our stocking hung by the chiminy...

Ryan deciding which present to devour first.

Owen playing with his new toolbox from his God parents, Ray and Dana.  He LOVES it!  I did have to quarentine the hammer due to some unfortunate hammering of his baby brother.

It was a really fun Christmas!

Popi and Charlotte took us to dinner at Molly MacGuires and Ryan settled right up to the bar :)

Ryan got himself into a stand all by himself...well, with a little help from Charlotte.

Owen loves his new search and find books from Popi and Charlotte...it keeps us reading for hours.