Christmas Recap and A Visit from Popi and Charlotte

Sadly, the holidays are behind us and the Christmas decorations are all packed away for the year.  We had such a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  Now that Owen is almost 2, he is beginning to understand the magic of Christmas.  Here is a recap of our Christmas and a fantastic visit with Popi and Charlotte.

Our new tradition is to have fondue on Christmas Eve.  We had a cheese fondue for the main course and a chocolate for the dessert.  YUM  The bread is from the best little shop in Phoenixville called Soltane.

Owen's letter to Santa...written up-side-down by Daddy while Owen added his own personal touch. 

Our stocking hung by the chiminy...

Ryan deciding which present to devour first.

Owen playing with his new toolbox from his God parents, Ray and Dana.  He LOVES it!  I did have to quarentine the hammer due to some unfortunate hammering of his baby brother.

It was a really fun Christmas!

Popi and Charlotte took us to dinner at Molly MacGuires and Ryan settled right up to the bar :)

Ryan got himself into a stand all by himself...well, with a little help from Charlotte.

Owen loves his new search and find books from Popi and Charlotte...it keeps us reading for hours.

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