Hollow Core Door Makeover...round 2

Our Bathroom Door desperately needed updating...
as you can see in the photo above that Owen helped with.  :)

Hollow core door makeover round 2!  This one was a little bit trickier, as there was a large hole in the door behind the strategically hung mirror. 

I followed all of the same steps as outlined in my previous post...Hollow Core Door Makeover.  To cover the big hole in the door, I cut a piece of luan (1/8 inch thick plywood) and wood glued it to the door.  I then trimmed around it. 

This is the square that covers the hole.  Because of the trim, you can't even tell that there is a board glued down over the hole.  The luan has the same texture as the hollow core door (I think that the door is actually made of the same material).  Once it is painted, the grain blends right into the door.  I did run painter's caulk around the outside of the square prior to painting to make sure there were no visible seams. 

I primed once with Kilz, and put three coats of semi gloss (Popcorn, Martha Stewart - color matched to Behr). 

I am going to tackle the boy's rooms next.  I am thinking of replacing their hollow core doors with dutch doors - so I have been on the lookout for wood doors that I can cut down.  I think a trip to the Habitat for Humanity store, ReStore, is in my near future!



  1. Love this proof it can be done. Question: did you trim out both sides of the door or just one side?


  2. Just found you on pinterest and so excited!!!! I'm closing on my first home this week and it's cursed with these doors throughout. You've just saved the last chunk of hair on my head to not be pulled out with everything that needs updated. I can't wait to watch this magic unfold! Thank you so much for taking the time to do these posts and give the world hope! :)

  3. This is awesome. I am trying to improve the value of my home, in and out. The hollow core door replacement would be the next extreme purchase for me, but now that I have seen this, and just receiving a nice hole in one of them by my kids gives me hope. Thank you to you, this site, and your creativity. You have a new fan!