Gearing Up for our Grand Opening

Happy day after tax day everyone.  We were those people this year. You know, those people at the post office at 11:45pm hoping to get the returns in the mail on time, and yes, we made the deadline.  :)
Just a few of the new paintings I created for my series
"Little Zoo" and "People That Love Me Maps".
We are just a few days away from our grand opening of our Etsy shop, BitsyBitsy.  As you can see from the photo, I have been busy working on a new series for the shop.  We just finalized a deal with a print shop, and I am expecting my mailing supplies to arrive today or tomorrow.  

As for the house, I just picked the paint color for the peninsula cabinet.  It's pretty bold - but no sneak peeks.  I'll do a final reveal after its complete.

I am still working on our hollow core doors - one at a time.  It is tedious work, but makes such a dramatic difference.  I have been thinking for awhile about dutch doors for the kids rooms.  Does anyone have any ideas for DIY dutch doors?  Would love some guidance on this one!

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