Ikea Spice Racks as Bookshelves

I have been slowly working on Owen and Ryan's rooms.  I recently saw a post over on Aubrey and Lindsay's blog where she hacked some Ikea spice racks into book shelves for her son's room.  I loved the idea so I grabbed 6 of them on my last trip. Ikea was selling them for $3.99 each.  They fit perfectly - I mean perfectly - in the space.  

Here is a before pic of the room that I took during the walk through with the inspector during the buying process.

And, here is the after with the new book shelves and the chair that Owen's Auntie Dora and Uncle Andrew gave us this week. 

The bottom two shelves are the perfect height for Owen to reach his board books.  The top shelf is for the special "real paper" books that he would tear to shreds if left to his own accord.

 As you can see, they fit exactly in the space side by side. 

Owen's room is coming along well.  I feel like it is a nice mix of little boy stuff and things that he will grow in to stuff.  Currently, am  working on a mobile to hang over his bed as well as the changing table.  I also want to hang some art, and will be making a window treatment soon.  We went on a field trip last week to Joann's to pick out the fabric and can't wait to show you what we came up with.  

* * *A special note on this project...we are reading books more then ever now that the books are so nicely on dispay.  He is able to pick out what he wants and put them away all by himself when we are done.

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