One of our recent projects was the pantry in the kitchen.  The old fridge cabinet is the new home of our pantry.  As you can see, we put in shelves and now need the doors. 
So, to start off, I drew a plan for the doors. I took all the measurements and headed to HD to pick up some cabinet grade plywood, hinges, and trim.
My assistant helped me make the cuts to the trim. :)  I sanded down the doors and the rough edges to a nice smooth finish.  I initially used the palm sander with the orbital attachment, but that was taking off too much wood in a very random fashion.  I switched over to the regular palm sander attachment and it did the trick perfectly.  I used 120 grit sand paper.

I glued down the trim flush against the edge of the front of the doors with Elmer's wood glue.  I didn't see a trim that matched the current cabinet doors perfectly, so I picked out something similar but not so similar that it looked like I was trying to match it.  I tacked in some nails over top of the glue for extra stability.  I counter sank the nail holes and filled them with wood filler. 

I then attached the hinges to the doors and then had Eric come in and help hang them.  It really is a two person job to hang cabinet doors.  The hinges have to but pushed flush against the cabinet in order to mark the holes - if they aren't pushed in, the hinges don't lay flat and will give you an incorrect mark.  So, I had Eric place the doors up against the cabinet and I used the drill to make a pilot hole and then screwed the doors in.  We had a few minor issues.  First, the cabinet is not plumb, so when we used the level to make sure that the doors were hung straight, it appeared that they were crooked on the edges and straight on top.  We ended up eyeballing it and it came out perfectly.  Second, I screwed in the hinges on the wrong side of the second door (easy fix with wood filler, but a real DUH moment for me).

Finally, I attached a magnetic plate to the door and the cabinet to keep the doors securely closed.  We haven't chosen hardware for any of our cabinets yet.  I keep changing my mind on the style. 

The cabinets are primed, but not painted yet.  I need to swing down and pick up some more "Glass of Milk" Martha paint in Semi Gloss color matched in Behr to finish the job.  Will post final pics soon.

It is so nice to finally have a door on the pantry - the kitchen looks so much more organized without the big "black hole".


  1. dana, ray and garrettOctober 21, 2011 at 8:36 AM

    bob vila eat your heart out. t's in town fool!
    great work!!

  2. Wow Teresa, You're Amazing!!!! Give a girl power tools and just see what she can do!