Backsplash Update

Although I loved the way the kitchen backsplash came out, I was really disappointed with the grout color that was chosen.  I knew when I was talking to the tile guy at HD that I was making a bad choice - but he insisted that they beige would be perfect.  So, I tested out a small swatch in a much lighter shade after I finished the entire kitchen and knew that I needed to regrout.  I finally tackled it this week and am super pleased with the results.  Here is a side by side view of the tiles...on the left is the area that I regrouted - on the right is my first choice in beige. 

I am withholding a wide angle shot becuase of some work that we are doing on the kitchen as we speak and want to do a nice reveal once we finish up the projects :)

On a side note, Ryan cut his first tooth this week, and has become a cranky, drool faucet.  Poor kiddo.

Owen is chatting like crazy, repeating everything that we say.  It's pretty amazing.

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