DIY Kitchen Peninsula

We finally tackled the kitchen peninsula.  While I was visiting Eric's moms house with the boys a few weeks ago, I really loved having an eat in kitchen.  Last weekend we did it!  You'll see below the before pictures, during and after shots.  We haven't had a chance to do the finishes on the cabinet yet.  We are going to paint the bottom cabinet some undetermined color and add a back and sides of some undetermined material :).  Still to be decided.  The cabinet was purchased at Home Depot from their unfinished stock cabinets and the top is made from hardwood oak flooring. 

Before pic.  The tape on the floor is the outline of the cabinet and countertop.  We lived with it on the floor for a few days to see how we liked or disliked the flow of the kitchen with the potential peninsula. 

Here I am securing the stock cabinet to the 2x4s that were sunk into the floor underneath.

Eric assembled our new table saw!

my assistant

Here it is, assembled and getting stained.  We chose a medium stain with a warm red base called Red Oak - Minwax.  I love the contrast of the warm wood against the stainless steel and slate tiles. 
 Note the angled corners which were Eric's idea. 

All finished waiting for the stain to dry so we can protect it with poly.

We are scouring Craig's List right now for countertop stools.  We are going to do 2 saddle seat stools for the front and the inside and 2 high back stools that the booster chairs can fit into for the far side where the boys can sit. 

We can't wait to use it!


Guest Room

With the visit of some family a few weeks ago, I decided that it was time to tackle the guest room.  It was our saddest room but since it was hardly ever used, we just kept the door shut so we didn't have to look at it.  Here are some of the before and after shots...

We originally wanted to go with a yellow called Anjou Pear - Sherwin Williams.  We got it up on the walls and I have never been more uncomfortable in a room in my life!  It was just awful in this space.  You can see where we started trimming out the walls with it in the before photo above.  The color we ended up with is called Granite Boulder - Behr.  It was left over from when I wanted to go grey in the kitchen.  It makes the room feel really cozy and relaxing. 

The curtains are left over from my living room project.  They go great with the wall color and are double lined so they keep the light out quite nicely for guests that want to sleep in. 

One of my favorite projects in the room so far is the birds on the wall. 

I found a pattern on pinterest and made the birds with some left over scrap material.  Owen and I found some sticks outside and I screwed them into the wall.  The birds are attached with a glue gun. 

Now, I need to figure out what to do with the headboard for the bed and lighting.