Still no Internet, but lots of chalk

Sadly, we are still waiting for verizon to come out an install our
phone/internet/cable. The new install date is august 30 and it can't
come soon enough! I feel so disconected, behind on the news, my
favorite blogs and tv shows.

We have a new washing machine arriving tomorrow. The one that was in
the house was broken, and in doing research on a diy fix, I realized
that it was most likely the transmission which would cost us close to
what we would pay for a new one. So, we purchased a kenmore from
sears. Initially we wanted to do a front load, but given that we are
going to keep the laundry in the basement, we went with a top load to
avoid the mold/smell problem that can arise with the front loaders.
It's a kenmore that is energy star rated, high effiiency, and is
really unique in that it doesn't have an agitator. I can fit our
comforter in there no problem.

We are still living in box city, but it's getting better day by day.
Once the verizon people come out to do the install, I'll post the
house stuff. In the mean time, here is a shot of Owen enjoying the
afternoon with his box of chalk.


  1. why does our godson have purpley toes!? we hope the internet man comes soon!!
    love dana and ray (and garrett too)

  2. internet fairy arrived today! tomorrow we are going to brave finger paint for the first time...I am guessing there will be purpley toes...and hair...and tummy