Displaying Kids Art

Our poor fridge is running out of space.  I have been stock piling Owen's little creations for some time now and have been trying to come up with some creative ways to display/save his hard work.  I had some extra Ikea Ribba frames lying around and picked out a few random finger paintings and sticker pictures that were hanging on (for dear life) to the refrigerator

above - finger painting by Owen
left - a card made by cousin Sydney
right - sticker picture made by Owen and his babysitter Faith

here you can see it with and without the pictures -
the color really makes a big difference
So, this idea is nothing earth shattering - but I have to say that it really brightens up that little nook in the kitchen.  We have a small wall in the bathroom that is crying for some attention - I think I'll put a couple of these up there as well. 

Below are some additional ideas that I've stumbled acrossed and will definitly be incorporating at some point in our little home. 

1.  Scan in the artwork and crop it down into squares.  Print.  Tada!  http://jengrantmorris.blogspot.ca/2008/08/artwork-in-boys-room.html
2.  Trim on the wall with clips screwed on make for an easy change up in the display.   http://www.marthastewart.com/275481/decorating-kids-spaces#/224231
3.  Graham and Brown Wall Paper -  ooooooohhhhh so many possibilities!
4.  This takes my little project and blows it out of the water!
5.  I actually have this wire hanging system from Ikea already.  It's what I originally tried to use in my bay window to hang curtains.  I recently installed the wire in my studio to hang current artwork. 


The Boys

I caught Owen by surprise while he was snuggling with his little bears.

I just had to share this moment.  After his nap yesterday, Owen came downstairs and cuddled up on the couch with his little stuffed bears that he calls "the boys" - which I think he picked up from me since that is how I often refer to him and Ryan.  These are the moments that I feel especially blessed to be at home with them.


Kitchen Island Painted


During Install

For three months now, our island has sat in the kitchen primed and patiently awaiting a coat of paint.  I was so stumped on what color I wanted to go with.  The kitchen is quite neutral - slate, tan, white and black.  There was no color inspiration to find in the current color pallette.  I recently did a kitchen update for my mother in law - we painted a nook in the kitchen a bold red (Morocco Red - Behr). 
trying out different shades of red in the kitchen nook at my mother in law's house

we went with Moroccan Red - Behr

Another view

I kinda fell in love with this red and was really really  hoping to find a place to put it in our home.   Red scares me, so the thought of doing an entire room was a bit overwhelming.  I picked up a quart of the paint on a trip to Home Depot and set it aside until I found the perfect surface to paint it on.   On a whim, I decided to try it out on the cabinet in the peninsula and realized it was perfect.  It totally transformed the feel of the kitchen from a bit chilly to warm and full of personality. 

This was definitly a bold choice - but I think it really fits perfectly.  The only thing we have left is to get the seating figured out.  I am thinking I want 2 saddle seat stools, 1 high back stool for Owen, and a hook on high chair for Ryan for now.   

More Groutable Vinyl Tile

I got a message from a friend of the blog last night.  He saw our previous post - Groutable Vinyl Tile and recently installed some in his kitchen. 

Here is the in progress pic...
Groutable Vinyl Tile being laid over old vinyl flooring.
And here is the pre grout after pic...
pre grout - groutable vinyl tile
Trafficmaster/Allure style is called "New Concrete"
This is the same brand that I used for our kitchen...just a different style. Nice work friend :)  I would love to see it after the grout.  

As for our kitchen...I finally painted the penninsula cabinet!  So excited to show you some pics.  I'll give you a clue - it's not white.  Guesses???


Art Show

Members Art Show
Last night was the members art show down at the Phoenix Village Art Center. The show was packed and the weather cooperated.  I have two paintings in the show for the month of May.  Thanks to our friends that stopped out for the opening...it was really great to see you!  If you are in the area, please stop in and check it out...there is some really great art!
View of the Phoenix Village Art Center from Bridge St.