Kitchen Island Painted


During Install

For three months now, our island has sat in the kitchen primed and patiently awaiting a coat of paint.  I was so stumped on what color I wanted to go with.  The kitchen is quite neutral - slate, tan, white and black.  There was no color inspiration to find in the current color pallette.  I recently did a kitchen update for my mother in law - we painted a nook in the kitchen a bold red (Morocco Red - Behr). 
trying out different shades of red in the kitchen nook at my mother in law's house

we went with Moroccan Red - Behr

Another view

I kinda fell in love with this red and was really really  hoping to find a place to put it in our home.   Red scares me, so the thought of doing an entire room was a bit overwhelming.  I picked up a quart of the paint on a trip to Home Depot and set it aside until I found the perfect surface to paint it on.   On a whim, I decided to try it out on the cabinet in the peninsula and realized it was perfect.  It totally transformed the feel of the kitchen from a bit chilly to warm and full of personality. 

This was definitly a bold choice - but I think it really fits perfectly.  The only thing we have left is to get the seating figured out.  I am thinking I want 2 saddle seat stools, 1 high back stool for Owen, and a hook on high chair for Ryan for now.   

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