our little shop's grand opening

"Glimpse of Paris"
I am so excited about a new adventure I am taking on...opening up an Etsy shop to sell my art.  This, in part, is why there hasn't been a lot of activity on the house lately.  Although I really love the challenges that designing and renovating the house brings, there is something about paint on canvas that fills me up and makes me happy.  So, now I'll be doing both. :) 

The name of the shop is BitsyBitsy - you can thank Owen for the name as it is is favorite song.  "BitsyBitsy spider went up the water spount..."   I'll be selling mainly prints of my original art.  I am not sure if I'll also be posting my original paintings in the shop as well.  I'll see how things go.  Additionally, I'll be selling original custom art maps like this one below and the one from previous post...

"People that Love Me Map"
8x10 Acrylic on Canvas

Stop on by our Etsy shop to check out more art.   Also,come like our new facebook page.

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