Bay Window Dilemma

We have been living in a fishbowl since we moved into the house in August.  We have a wonderful bay window in the front of our living room that needs some window coverings.  I have been going back and forth on what type of window treatment I want to put up.  I love the woodwork and arches at the top of the windows, so I want to try and keep that exposed.  But, I don't want fabric hanging where toddlers can yank on it and pull it down.  I love the look of Roman blinds, but they will surely hide the arches. 

Bay Window after it was painted - Photo of Nana with the boys.
After thinking about it for some time, I decided to go with hanging panels and a bay window rod along the top.  Here is an example of what I was thinking about...

Image is from
 I picked up the bay window hardware on Saturday from JC Penney.  As soon as we got home I ripped open the box and was ready to install it right away.  Unfortunately, the hardware was too wide for the fabric panels that I chose.  So, I was on to option 2.

I returned the hardware to JC Penney and headed to Ikea to pick up the DIGNITET wire curtain hanger.  It mounts on the wall and then there are two additional corner pieces pieces that I purchased to string the wire through along the corners in the bay window nook.  It was pretty easy to hang.  It took a couple of hours because I measured wrong...twice.  I hung my panels (see above photo for the idea) and was pretty happy with the result.  As a bonus, we were no longer viewable to anyone who walked by the house at night. I started to tidy up the space, tossed a blanket into the corner where one of the panels hung and suddenly the wire popped and all the panels crashed to the floor.  Ugh.

Sooooo...now I am rethinking the whole project and leaning toward roman shades.  The drawback is the loss of the arch, but I think I will prefer the look over the hanging panels.

Making Roman Shades isn't that difficult, but it requires exact measurements and a good diagram.

Diagram of the shade.  I use Terrell Designs website to calculate the dimensions. 
They also have an excellent tutorial for anyone interested in taking the DIY route.
 I am going to use the fabric panels that I purchased already and will just deconstruct them for the roman shades.  Hopefully, I can squeeze time in this week to get this project completed. 



  1. Bingo on the hanging panels! It suits your bay windows nicely, and you can still see the arch of the structure. But to add some interesting contrast in the space, you can use dark-colored drapes or curtains. For one, it would highlight the arches and break the monotony of subtle colors.

  2. I can picture your windows looking immaculate with those hanging panels! :D That is, if you actually used a sheer white fabric as your curtain fabric. But if you want other look for your windows, maybe you could try some woven shades. You can show off the arches, without overlooking the function. ;)

  3. Whatever you chose, I'm sure it'll be a fully functioning bay window! :) By the way, haven't you thought about putting a bay window seat? Not only will your kids won't be able to pull those curtains, but at the same time, when they're old enough, they can spend time the bay window too, and learn to love it like we do.