So, I was making dinner tonight.  Ryan was in his high chair and Owen was in his little lion booster seat.  I was making a glaze for the baby carrots in a saute pan.  Owen heard the sound that the cooking carrots and glaze were making and said "Daddy home?"  I told him no, that the sound was the carrots sizzling in the pan.  He said, "siss-ell".  I repeated the word sizzle a few times for him and he laughed at me as he tried to repeat it back.  I finished cooking dinner, served up some carrots and pasta and sat down to feed Ryan his cereal.  About 20 minutes had past and I looked over and saw Owen with a very concerned look on his face.  I asked him what was up and he looked at me and then over to the stove and said with a very, very sad little voice..."bye, bye sisss-elll".  It was so sweet and I got such laugh (under my breath of course) that I had to share it.

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