Firebird Festival, First Annual Tree Cutting and Visit from the O'Neills

It was a wonderfully busy weekend.  First, my parents came to visit for the weekend.  On Saturday we went to Yeager's Farm to cut down our tree.  Saturday evening was the Firebird Festival in Phoenixville.  Sunday morning, my parents departed back to Rochester and on Sunday afternoon, we hosted a Thirty-One party for my friend Becky Verna.  Whew!  Here are some pics from the weekend...

Yeager's Farm Photos...

tractor ride to the cut your own trees
Owen saw this little baby tree and gave it a hug.

On the hunt for the perfect tree.

Eric cutting it down, Terry catching it.

On the tractor ride back to the barn for hot cocoa.

Tree Photos....

 Firebird Festival Photos...
getting bundled up to walk to the festival

Ryan in his bomber outfit

 Owen found the Firetrucks, or as he says the WeeOOO WeeOOO's

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