Kitchen Demo Update

One of the things that really bothered me about the kitchen was the soffit because it hung down in front of the window.  The worst part was that they had some scalloped trim hanging from the bottom of the dark wood paneling blocking out even more light.  I'll try and dig up some photos to share.  Below are pictures of the removal of the bottom of the soffit.
I sawed a line up each side of the soffit to the ceiling and remove the left and right paneling peices.  I was hoping that there would just be the plaster wall behind the paneling.  Unfortunatly, there was electric and some lights in the soffit. 

this is a shot of what is inside of the soffit
I removed the peices and cut them down to size to mount back up over the opening of the soffit. Now that I have a table saw and circular saw, I feel like I can fix anything!
Here is a close up view of the trim that I needed to install once I made the cuts. I used a piece of trim made for framing corners.  I cut the corners on the 45 Degree miter using my table saw. 

After shot with Trim and Moldings installed

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