Bath Tub

A project that I am really happy with is our bathtub.  It was in terrible shape, so I started pricing out new tubs.  Along with the cost of the new tub, we would also have the installation costs and removal of the old tub costs.  A friend recommended tub resurfacing.  She had it done on her old tub about 5 years ago and it still looks brand new.

I googled tub resurfacing and found two routes - the DIY package and contracting the work out to professionals.   The DIY kit costs about $40 at home improvement stores, and I was ready to dive in until I read the reviews.  There pretty much are no positive reviews for the diy route.  Most people say that the tub looks amazing right after the application of the epoxy paint, but within a month or two, the paint starts peeling off in chunks.  So, I started looking for tub resurfacing professionals.  Most of the quotes came back around the same cost of $325 to $400 for tubs that had never been resurfaced, and an additional $100 for tubs that needed to be scraped first from a previous application.  I also wanted to spring for the non slip bottom for safety for the boys.  Once you have a tub resurfaced, you shouldn't use sticky mats on the bottom becuase it could cause the paint to lift over time.  

I hired Surface Restorations to do the job.  Frank came out (on time), and had the job completed in just a few hours.  My tub had been painted before, so he had to do the scrape down first.  I felt so bad becuase it was over 95 degrees out that day, but he said that he was used to it.  Here are the after photos....

Up next in the bathroom is new hardware, including a rain shower, new paint and a possible new vanity and mirror.

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