Mud Room Demo

We finally made the decision and tackled the mudroom.  We had been going back and forth trying to decide what we were going to do with it for a few weeks.
Option 1 - Leave the drop ceiling and paneling and just paint
Option 2 - Hire contractor to demo and sheetrock the room
Option 3 - Demo the room ourselves and hire out to sheetrock
Option 4 - Have my dad help me frame it and rock it when he comes down to visit in a week and a half

I ruled out Option 1 for a few reasons, but mostly becuase you can see over the drop ceiling from the dining room.  Here is a photo...

before shot

Before shot - looking into the dining room from the mud room

tried priming the paneling to see if just painting would make things better

all primed
Demo Day

We decided to move forward with the demo ourselves.  My dad is coming up on Aug 9th to help out and said that he and I could frame it and sheetrock it ourselves.   I used a crow bar, hammer and some serious elbow grease and was able to strip the room down in about 4 hours.  I left the horrible ceiling fixture up becuase I needed a light and I am scared to mess with the electric. 

ripping down the cabinets which they themselves were also made of paneling...someone was IN LOVE with paneling in the house!

you can see over the ceiling tiles

room stripped except for the light.  above the ceiling tiles is a junction box and about 9 wires exposed

I found this guy hidden in the wall above the door way frame. Eric named him Ike.   
I had trouble with the thermostat for the baseboard heater.  When I dismantled it to get the paneling off from behind it, it must have turned on and I couldn't figure out how to put it back together correctly to turn it off.  It took me close to an hour to figure out that I had the knob on backwards. 

The only other incident was a cut from a small nail in my thumb which resulted in a very sore arm that I am still recovering from.  I went down to re-up my tetanus shot the next day.  Seriously, the older I get the more it hurts!

I am so looking forward to posting about more fun things like finished cabinets, fabric, tile and flooring choices.  Some fun things to come very soon.

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