In an attempt to cheer myself up from the floor conundrum, I decided to pick out my paint colors for the house.  Home Depot was running a sale until 7/4 that for every gallon of paint purchase, I will get a $5 check back.  So, I sat out on my front porch with all of my paint chips and started making a list.  It took me about an hour to narrow down my choices.  Here is a preview of my selections...I know that you will be surprised at my choices. They are not as bold as I usually pick.  I feel like I want quiet, soothing colors for the walls and will pop color in with fabric and accessories.

Bone Folder - Martha Stewart - Hallways

Ice Rink - Martha Stewart - Owen's Room

Nuture - Behr - Ryan's Room and perhaps the living room

Sharkey Grey - Martha Stewart - Master Bedroom

Popcorn - Martha Stewart - All the trim in the house

Silver Setting - Behr - Dining Room


  1. AWESOME! Linda mom

  2. So exciting! Your eye for color is amazing