Ryan's Room

Here are the updates on Ryan's room.  Like so much of the rest of the house, Ryan's room has a drop ceiling and awful wood paneling.  We are trying to figure out if we want to remove the ceiling and paneling now.  The issue is that the ceiling is hiding a bunch of electric wires just above it.  We would have to pay a contractor to rewire and hide what is there.  Most of the quotes have come in around $500 just to do this room.  Then there is the cost of sheet rocking it after we demo.  That will run probably an additional $500-$700.  The plaster ceiling and what I can see of the walls arn't that bad, so we could just leave it as the plaster and fill and sand the cracks.  In the mean time, I thought that I would try priming and painting over the walls and ceiling to see what it would look like. 
before pic

before pic - gotta love the outdoor sconce...I can't wait to replace it!

radiator cover...plan on painting it the color of the trim, a semi gloss white called Popcorn from Martha Stewart
primer starting to go up

priming the ceiling as well with Kilz Premium

It really did a great job covering up the dingy white acoustic tiles, I'm just not sure that I'm gonna be able to live with the drop ceiling in here

I've got it all primed and a first coat of paint on the walls - Nurture, Behr.  I think that the room feels a bit too cold though, so I think I may be trying something else soon.  I am envisioning a warm creamy color on the walls with a bright pop of red or orange in the window treatment.  I'll post pics tomorrow of the current room color and hope for some comments. 

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