Kitchen Wall and Floor Fix

The plan in the kitchen is to remove the small built in cabinet to the left of the refrigerator cabinet and then put the fridge in its place.  Then, turn the refrigerator cabinet into a pantry.  When I removed the small cabinet, I was left with a hole in the wall and floor.  The contractors quoted me between $200 and $450 to fix.  I did it for the cost of a peice of plywood and a table saw. 
hole in the wall

peice of paneling from the mud room demo cut down to size to patch the hole in the wall

wall is patched, but still need to address the trim

I cut the trim and moved it over to the right.  The opening that still exists is where the small cabinet is getting moved to. 

I moved over the small cabinet, replaced the fridge (it is still pulled out from the wall about a foot and a half because of the floor hole, and added an oak stock cabinet above.  It feels like the storage space has been doubled.

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