The Kitchen Cabinet Conundrum

The kitchen has been a place that I have been avoiding for a little while.  There is a lot to do in a rather small space, and most of it is either electric or plumbing...neither of which I have any experience.  One of the current projects that I started a few weeks back and put a nice dent in tonight is the built-in cabinet removal and wall repair. 

We have a built in cabinet right where the new refrigerator is going.  I did some demo a few weeks back on it and ended up damaging a few ceiling tiles as well as uncovered a big piece of plywood behind where I was expecting plaster wall and subfloor under it where I was expecting vinyl.  Truthfully, I got scared and ignored it for awhile. 

So, tonight I had a wave of go-gettedness and pulled the cabinet out from the wall again.  Sorry for the picture quality, I took it with my phone becuase I forgot my Canon. You can see above the space that the cabinet was sitting in.   The floor is some nasty old tiles that are peeling.  I did my best to leave them alone.  The plywood on the wall had to be cut down with my dremel tool and pry bar. 
The dremel came in handy to cut the plywood along the same plane as the cabinet that we are keeping.  It took a little while to buzz through it all (about 50 inches long)./  The end result was good.
Plywood removed from wall.  Gross old fake ceramic tile wall - vinyl maybe?

Another view of the faux ceramic tiled wall and my floor solution.
The floor below the cabinet was about 1/2 an inch lower the the rest of the floor.  It looks like someone layed plywood over some old yucky vinyl tile and then rolled new vinyl tile over it.  I had Home Depot cut me a piece to fit in the space and secured it with HardieBacker screws.  Now, I am ready to lay my kitchen floor. 

The wall will be repaired by cutting a piece of paneling to match what is on the lower half of the wall and running a new piece of trim across the top.  That is this week's project.

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